How do I logon to Redbrick
Using Windows
If you're using Windows the best way is to logon is by using a program called "PuTTy". Putty is already installed on most of the computers on campus in DCU. It can be found by clicking Start -> All Programs -> Tools & Utilities -> PuTTy & WinSCP -> PuTTy. If putty is already installed on your machine skip to the image and read the text underneath it. Otherwise, follow these 2 easy steps:

From here it's easy! Just click the button that says "Redbrick" in the bottom left corner (or type: into the "host name" part.) You'll be asked for your username and then your password. If you have entered your username wrong just reopen putty and click the redbrick button again.

On a Mac(OSX)
You can use the terminal found through: Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.
Once you've done that type: "ssh" and enter your password when prompted.

Open up a terminal and type: "ssh" and enter your password when prompted.
If you have any problems/queries regarding Redbrick please email: and we'll get back to you ASAP. :)